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We provide our clients with nothing short of superior work, bring the Arlington fence industry to new, higher levels of expectation. Our team of former military combines with excelled fencing knowledge to deliver products and services of the highest quality. We have been serving the Arlington fence industry since 1998 and have grown to become one of the top fencing companies in Arlington, Texas. You will find crew leaders among each of the crews, guiding construction of the best fence for you.


Arlington Fence Contractor

Arlington Fence Contractor

Arlington Fence is a locally-owned company of former veterans who served the United States and wanted to come home and serve Arlington and the surrounding communities.


Fence Design

At Arlington Fence, we are experts in identifying the best types of fences to line up with your needs and style. We offer several combinations, with our most common Galvanized Steel Posts with Western Red Cedar. Each of our experts have an eye for construction and design strategies.


Fence Materials

Our standards are not only high for our workers but also our product suppliers. Often, Arlington fence companies will search for a good deal on products, rather than high quality. This often leads to unhappy customers. Arlington Fence looks for the top materials within your budget, making us unique from our competitors.


Fence Cost

The basic back yard fence project should range from $15 - $45 per linear foot. Wood privacy fencing is considered to be the fence of choice for the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. For the least expensive fence cost you can use spruce wood fencing material. We have options for both Spruce and Western Red Cedar.  


Fence Installation

To install a fence with proper design at an effective cost you need to have an experienced work force. We have had the same work force since 2000 and with very little change. DFW Fence Contractor works hard to have as little turn over within our company as possible. With experienced fence crews in place and proper workmanship we can provide great fence product.

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