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Wood Fence Contractor in Arlington

At Arlington Fence, we have paved the way for gate operating systems in Arlington for decades. We offer a variety of operating systems to choose from, from Apollo, Linear, or Elite to Lifmaster or HySecurity. Call us today at 817-704-3919 to inquire about any needed repairs or installations. 

Arlington Fence | Gate Operator in Arlington, Texas

Your gate operating system controls one of the largest moving parts you own. Arlington Fence services operating systems and automatic gates every day and works with several different types of operating systems and their moving parts.

Are you interested in installing a gate operating system? Gate operating systems are customizable to include timers, loop detectors, keypads, gate locks, electric edges, pedestals, telephone entry, photo eyes, and more. Call Arlington Fencing today at 817-704-3919 to learn more about our gate operator services.

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