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Wood Fence Contractor in Arlington, Texas

Wood Fence

The fence of choice in Arlington, Texas is wood fencing,  structured with posts, runners, and pickets. Arlington Fence installs a variety of wood fences like western red cedar, pine, and spruce.

Spruce/ Pine

While Spruce is inexpensive and useful as building wood, it is generally not recommended for outdoor purposes. In most outdoor climates, spruce will not last longer than 12-18 months.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is one of the highest value materials due to its decay resistance in outdoor climates in the form of siding, fencing, decking, posts, pergolas, and more. Western Red Cedar is among the most durable fence products.

Fence Posts

There are several options of posts to choose from when constructing your wood fence. Metal posts keep the fence upright and protect it when subjected to wind or water.

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